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UGX 3,500,000 UGX 3,800,000

Item include.. Front bumper, headlights, radiators, and frame

UGX 6,800,000 UGX 7,000,000

Nice looking half cut including clean headlights, bumper, grill, dashboard & everything without Engine.

UGX 9,500,000 UGX 10,000,000

Year may change. It includes headlights, bonnet, front bumper,  fenders, dashboard & frame. Excellent working condition.

UGX 4,000,000

Parts include; Headlights, front bumper, grille & frame

UGX 380,000

Quality new tyre covers 

UGX 750,000

Quality Tyre Covers

UGX 5,000,000

It includes front bumper, headlights, grille, dashboard, radiators & frame

UGX 1,800,000 UGX 2,000,000

Item includes Front bumper, headlights, radiators and frame

UGX 400,000

Genuine part in good shape

UGX 450,000

All locks are intact

UGX 3,200,000 UGX 3,500,000

Nice looking half cut that costitutes of; Headlights, front bumper, Grille, dashboard & frame

UGX 1,500,000

It includes; headlights, front bumper, radiator & cooling fans, frame plus grille